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Originally Posted by senseifil View Post
the nwo elites, and the zeitgeist movement have the same goals in mind, ending the monetary systems, creating sustainable cities, all the peoples of the world under one global banner, no more jobs(slavery) as technology will do do all the labour, etc.
the difference is the nwo ppl want to kill 6billion people to get to that point so they can have the whole world for themselves and their decendants. the zeitgeist concept wants to do the same, but, without killing 6billion ppl. there is enuf resources for everyone to share and live a life of abundance.
True (except for ending the monetary system -the elite don't want that; they want to change the current one for another that would only benefit them), but why have complexes about any idea? I mean, even if I hate fascism, communism and the NWO; why would I reject a good idea just bacause it's similar to what those systems propose?

The Venus Project is just about picking what's best from all that we currently know and use technology for the benefit of all humanity; which is what our elected leaders should have been doing if there were not a bunch of corrupt psychopath crooks.

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