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Another report on tall humanoid, human-looking beings from the 50s:

Location: Mittelfranken Germany
Date: Fall 1954
Time: unknown

A couple was walking their dog in a coastal wooded area when they spotted a bright bluish light. The dog became disturbed and ran ahead. The witness now could see the object hovering low over the area; it was a flat pyramid shaped craft. It had a dazzling amber light on the bottom and was about 60 meters in diameter. It had a cabin like structure on top and a rotating flange around it.

The object emitted a blue amber light from inside the cabin. The witnesses now felt paralyzed as the object descended nearby emitting a metallic glow. A very tall man wearing a close fitting shiny overall appeared. He communicated by using telepathy with the witnesses, telling them he was from the constellation “Eagle.” (constellation Aquila? Altair?)

The man then called out a creature resembling an Alsatian dog from the object, and explained that it was a pet. No other information.
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