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Has anyone read the book 'CONTACTEES' by Nick Redfern?

It just came out last year ...... .it contains a dozen or so stories
about contactees. He was on Coast To Coast am a while back
and he was asked did he ever hear of Alex Collier and he said 'no' ..
i lost respect for him after that because if he was really looking
into the subject in detail he should have came across him. Also
their is no mention of Billy Meier. Even if you dont believe Meier
its not a reason for not including him because Redfern mentions
several other contactees and dismisses them as lunatics or frauds.
Im of the opinion that something did happen to Meier early lon, cause
those early pictures just look so bloody real, plus he passed a
polygraph test, plus there are so many of his neighbours and
friends that seen lights in the sky and witnessed something
unsual that i cant belive that he hoaxed the wholoe thing.

Personally I don't like calling these 'entities' 'ETs' because im not
convinced they are coming here from another planet.

The way the UFOs and entities are able to manifest in the physical
and then demanifest at will suggests that they are coming from some
sort of alternative dimension or reality to us. As Icke says they are
on a different frequency to us humans. They have the ability to take
on both physical and spiritual form. Like we humans are trapped in the
body mind, i think these entities are able to de-tatch their spirits
selves from their bodies. So, in conclusion , we are dealing with
entities that are able to go back and forth between physical and
spirit world....
the world that is also called the paranormal.... this is also why creatures
like the mothman appear and dissapear at will.

just my 2 cents !

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