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Originally Posted by freckles View Post
Tracker, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put all the links together. Whilst I have not read them all yet, I feel much better prepared already, even if I have not started preparing, but the knowledge is soaking in. You're a legend. You have certainly given me alot to think about and have motivated me beyond words.
Thankyou very much for those kind words , its people like you that make the effort all worht while , believe it .

this thread though , has been updated in a more comprehencive way here;

there are some new ones on it too .

I soon plan to ask a mod to make it sticky . infact I have but have had no reply yet , im sure they will do soon though .

I want it to replace this thread we are on now .

take a gander at it , its easier , bigger and more comprehencive .

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