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Originally Posted by berten60 View Post
So we will probably have identity thefts by chopped off fingers
being used instead of your own...
This isn't fingerprint scanning but veins!

From the article:

The layout of veins in your fingers is all but unique - the chances of you sharing that layout with someone else is 3.4 billion to one - so by analysing those veins, the machine can be pretty sure that you are who you say you are.

By linking the details of that vein pattern to a bank card, you can then close the circle. Instead of using a contactless card to pay for a round of drinks, you instead use your finger.

It is an intriguing world, but there is one question that absolutely everyone wanted to know the answer to - so here it is. No, you can't just chop off someone else's finger and use that instead. It won't work in the scanner.
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