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Default Paying with your FINGER

This is the latest frontier in biometric payments, the ongoing battle to rid us of cash, cards, cheque books and other such accoutrements.

Instead, runs the logic, we will use the humble finger to pay for things, quickly and securely.

And that's where the finger-scanner comes in.

The man behind trying to sell this technology to the world is Nicholas Dryden, the chief executive of the payments company Sthaler.

He told Sky News the technology would soon be rolled out for testing in supermarkets, cinemas and at music festivals.

"The supermarket trial is very important to us," he said.

"There are lots of applications, but what they want to know is whether you can replace a loyalty card with your finger. Lots of us forget our wallets when we go out. You probably won't forget your finger."

The concept of using your body to pay may seem a curious idea, but it is part of a trend.


A precursor to the Mark of the Beast without which you cannot buy or sell.

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