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Originally Posted by practicaltheorist View Post
I understood that, and as I said: I was referring to the thread that you linked to. Its not you or what you said. Its the whole thread that you linked to and the discussions therein that made me say that, and not your statements at all. Now can we go to the pub? I`m buying
So ya answer / talk to articles & refer to them as "you" is it..?? LMAO! - good day sir / madam...

Originally Posted by practicaltheorist View Post
UFO = equals "Unidentified Flying Object" Where does it say or even imply anything about aliens?

Also, the guy is always making fun of himself and his old job. He woke up to realize how meaningless it was and promptly quit.

For crying out loud, David Icke was a football reporter! Do you hold that against him?

Also, I forgot to mention the name change. If you had quit your job as an IRS agent, to talk about aliens and being an alien contactee, would you keep your real name? I sure as hell would not...

But when all this is said, nobody is forcing anyone to believe him. Its not a religion, Alex (I`m sure) is no saint and I for one is not going to evangelize. I just think that debunking1 someone should be done with proper substance and not on very very very weak indications.
What kind of sorcery is this???
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