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Originally Posted by practicaltheorist View Post
I`m just gonna post my personal opinion of Alex Collier.

He is 100 % - ONE HUNDRED PERCENT - telling the truth. And here is where it gets interesting. He is telling what he believes in as the truth, because this is what he himself has experienced.

Is his experiences any less real than yours or mine?

He took 5 years off because of the strain on him and because he REALLY does not want to do this.

He does this for free. No income from it. None.
He gets ridiculed for it.

He also says that he is not saying what he says to convince anyone. He does it to share his information and knowledge.

He is one of the most reflected persons I have ever listened to, and One of the humblest souls out there.

I believe him- as in "he believes he is speaking the truth" - but I do not believe IN him as anything else than a great great speaker and a wonderful human being.

He is definitely worth listening to, because of his perspective and his wealth of experiences and he is credible simply because he is persistant even if some of his predictions has been wrong.

Also, I see that a lot of people in here is dismissing him on grounds that he is "wrong about gravity". One person is even saying even he "Knows what gravity is" even if he didn`t finish high school. Wow.

All he is saying is that the -> Andromedans <- are saying its caused by the incredibly high frequencies from the sun or something to that effect.

If he knows what causes gravity he is THE ONLY ONE ON THE PLANET! We only know that GRAVITY EXISTS. NOT whats causing it. Thats something that almost nobody has ever been able to prove.

Stop being good repeaters (in this case of what you were taught in school) and start thinking for yourselves. Most everything else we learned in school has been proven wrong so why should this be any different?

Practical Theorist
Thank you! I believe in my heart that Alex Collier's messages from the Andeomedans are truthful. I also like what you have said PracticalTheorist.
"I have nothing left to lose except my soul, and I won't let that go without a fight."

We are the imagination of our souls.
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