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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
Isn't their bank in Switzerland called the Bank of Zion?, yes this area has been used for thousands of years and where the early factions fled in times of refuge, like the Sisters of Isis and where the country gets its name today.

When the currency becomes digital it can be hidden anywhere and nobody would know where it is, I suspect the new tunnel area they opened recently, underground but well above seas level is where the gold is going to be.

One place gold is often overlooked is in the public realm on people wearing jewelery, here we are all banking it for the elite for free and it is one commodity that people never throw away.
And here could be a way to keep your savings quiet. I myself have some gold and silver bullion. I sold some off recently at a jewellers for quite a nice sum. I suppose they could create taxes on the selling of bullion in the future to ensure they get a cut but lets hope not.
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