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According to what I have read, this "vaccine" only covers a small percentage of the HPV virus, as there are many strains of it.

I live in Western Australia, and only yesterday , a young girl I work with (17yrs) had the "giny jab" or pronounced "jiny jab" as she calls it. This was her second "jab" out of three.

Phoenixchilde I understand your concern, but when scare campaigns are used these vaccines suddenly become almost "compulsory". I have read enough books and seen enough videos on vaccination to know that they are overused, dangerous and have seen the side effects before my eyes. Another woman I work with has a lovely little girl who has had nothing but problems since she received her childhood shots in April.

I have wanted to ask this lady about the shots, but cant because its not my right to talk to her regarding this so I keep my distance. About a dozen years ago I got into a messy situation regarding my views on vaccines when a child had a "bad turn" AFTER I had been talking about possible side effects. It became "pick on the messenger" and I have learnt my lesson since then. Luckily the child recovered after a couple of weeks...BUT there are no REAL follow up studies in long term effects of vaccination.

This vaccine does not guarentee anything (as usual) and only targets specific strains. It was also only tested on more mature women and only on a few "healthy" young girls.

My young collegue, calls it a "giny jab" as she believes it will allow her to have a protection while she experiences life. She doesnt seem to have any side effects thank God but the "protection" she sees does seem to link into what others here have suggested, as in jock rock.

Anyway about 4 weeks ago, a popular TV morning show had a "tv doctor" on (regular on the show and up till now had not shown any real "bias" as I could see). Well he commented on a group of private school girls who got sick from the jab.....he dismissed it as a bunch of adolescent girls being paranoid. It involved many girls fainting and even one having paralysis. Now most of this may be young girls over reacting but it also happens to be typical side effects of vaccines.

Problem we have is that there is almost no follow up on people who have been vaccinated. There are really no long term studies, because after 200 years we accept the vaccines and the science to be fact.

Bad science especially since vaccine agents have changed alot since Jenner.

The TV doctor may have been right but the blatant dismissal of any legit problems was obvious. Vaccines can be administered by just scatches on the skin without ampules full of who knows what.

Whitenight, exactly is the key. From my findings I would not vaccinate any child under 5 years of age, and if it was done, the person doing so would be charged for endangering the life of a child. Period, as they say.

I am NOT a doctor but that does not stop me from asking questions and making informed decisions.
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