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Originally Posted by machineelf View Post
There will be a NWO but what it entails is not tyranny, instead we will soon see a return to the divine nature of the Earth.
Believe what you want to believe, belief is how you create your reality and if you want to 'be the change you want to see in the world' that is how you go about it, through your beliefs.
And I believe that this Gallactic Equator Crossing is the time of healing which means the end of tyranny.

I find that the manner in which I go about talking about the tyranny makes all the difference. Instead of making it sound all doom and gloom, I spin it like its a great thing we are learning about it, its a sign that the system is falling.

The fact that Icke has gone through what he has gone through and that spirits out of this world are guiding him tells me that there is more to this battle than what we are seeing.
Ickes side of the solution is mainly the exposure side. There is another side to the restoration of Earth and it will soon be much more noticeable, perhaps even a new phase with another person that will have a similar awakening that Icke had in Peru.

As was poignantly placed on a billboard in the background of the last Ghost busters movie "The War is Over". This was also spelled out in 'The Magnificent 7' Denzel(The most high) WASHINGTON to Ethan HAWKE(The Hawk King) "The war is over, the war is over and we need you".

You see the war is as good as over. Its just taking some time to unwind what was in motion.
This is why....

The spirit of Saturn has returned to the source. And I can tell you I know this with great certainty, I predicted this change in the Hexagon in 2015 which is when the change occurred, though this article is from late 2016.

I'm not saying to stop the exposure, NOT AT ALL, just to have a little more hope and high spirits because the first great "change"(Obama slogan) (ARchangeL Michael) (Obamas wife is Michelle, the feminine version)) has occurred. It was Archangel Michael that took the fallen angel back to the source.
Believe what you want to believe.
I see a future not by believing but by doing what is right, our actions speak much louder than words or beliefs that have culminated from previous programming.

No we are creators every last one of us, this is why I show my actions, share the results of my creations and share the knowledge freely.

Everything the current organisation uses as the absolute opposite against us.

When we create we become who we are.
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