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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
They are not scared. This has all been planned for decades. Every single bit of it. You think its a desperate "Trump card" they are playing ? The evidence shows that this has been planned for a long time.

Predictive programming.

a 1950's movie with a character named Trump building a wall.

theres the Simpsons episode with Trump doing the exact same hand raise and thumbs up while going down an escalator.

There was that comic book in the 90's, and with Trump's wall.

People need to stop being naive, wake up and smell the coffee.

All of this has been covered ad nauseum on this forum.
Wasn't Trump around ten years old when this 50's film was made?
Are you saying TPTB have nurtured Trump from being a child to become President?

Ive seen the Simpsons episode which is admittedly bizarre, but programming?
Cant see it. Unless enough watch the show to sway a vote?

The 90's comic I haven't seen, doubt many have, so the programmers weren't really doing a very good job getting it out to the masses.

I would have thought they would have picked a source more open to the general public if they were programming us.
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