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Don't be foolish. A grow person who's in love with a child is not a pedophile.

A pedophile is someone who rapes children for pleasure. Make sure to keep this clear and think before you judge.

Imagine if a 27 year old, really attractive woman fell desperately in love with a 9 year old boy? Do you really think that's really that wrong? If its love, its love, if its mutual, great! If not, well too bad.

I remember being a like a 7 y/o kid, and I fell in love with my babysiter, I would dream about her and wishing I kissed her. Don't you think I would be really happy if she felt the same for me and if something happened? I would!

So think before you judge, everything is not what it seems, don't let the fucking media and all their big ugly words shape your mind.

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