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Originally Posted by vegan_on_the_land View Post
I know people who have been vegan from birth. There may not be a high percentage of vegans but there are thousands. I don't know how many thousands.

I don't think anyone would deny that mother's milk is best for babies. Vegan soya formula is safe. In the early days, before it was fortified with iodine, it caused problems for some babies who were deficient in iodine.

You are scare mongering by hinting that some vegan babies fed formula won't survive or that they have health problems. What figures do you have for that? Don't quote the idiot parents who fed their babies with cabbage soup or some such inadequate diet.

The only supplementation needed is B12 and vitamin D in the winter. You use the word 'many' but condemned me for using it. The only vegans likely to develop deficiencies are those whose diet is deficient. A balanced vegan diet is not deficient in anything.

Many meat eaters develop deficiencies.
And toxicities.

Any cooked animal product is way to high in fat and protein causing Lipemia (fatty blood) and Calciuria (loosing calcium via the urine).

Raw milk is alkaline, cooked milk is not, so I am looking into whether or not raw meats might be alkaline !!

Raw milk is probably the exception since we are designed to consume it at birth.

Baby humans are not designed to eat meat cooked or raw.
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