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Default Reason why E.T's resist human exploration of space

Many think tanks believe that the extraterrestrial civilizations around us (in several light years vicinity) do not want us to explore the space ourselves. They have no problem if we send a probe anywhere as long as it does not carry any living beings.

A big question is why? Why do they not want living beings in the space? I may have finally found the answer.

It is amazing that after early seventies Americans and Russians stopped venturing to moon and other planets with living beings in them. The space shuttle does orbit earth from a few hundred miles above. NASA or any other space agencies never dared to send a living being in outer space although countless probes and space modules are venturing outer space without living beings.

The Chinese and Indians are thinking of sending humans to the moon and mars. But something or someone silently told them not to do so.

A new study led by the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University has shown that the tiniest passengers flown in space (microbes) become more deadly.

Compared to bacteria that remained on Earth, the space-traveling Salmonella had changed expression of 167 genes. After the flight, animal virulence studies showed that bacteria that were flown in space were almost three times as likely to kill mice when compared with control bacteria grown on the ground.

According to many scientists, human space exploration will require a mega jump in medical science to protect human beings in outer space from the bacteria. While anti-biotic medication may be an answer, the terrestrial medical science will not be able to protect human life over an extended period of time in deep outer space.

Living for an extended period of time in space stations few hundreds of miles above the earth is one thing. There the bacteria do not grow deadly so fast. The microbes become increasingly dangerous with increasing distance from the earth and the time.
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