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The above posts were from a couple of days ago.

I made the natto and it turned out wonderful,

Instead of soybeans I used pinto beans because I had them on hand. I used natto from a packet as starter. I cooked the beans using the rice cooker method and then transferred the sterile bowl to my yogurt maker that was filled with water. Placed a clean towel over the bowl and incubated it for 24 hours.

I only have a little bit left and started another batch today. Hoping it turns out as good as the first.

I wish I could say this was the video that got me interested in trying natto; but I already bought natto and had it in my refrigerator. I just didn't try it till after I watched the video:

I looked on Amazon for an all in one cooker that would cook the beans and ferment the natto and found a returned one of these for under 50 dollars

I watched the video again before going to work that day and started making my very first batch of natto as soon as I got home even though all I have on hand is pinto beans. Then I went to bed and slept on the idea of buying an all-in-one "natto" cooker. I had intended to wait and see how my first batch of natto turned out before buying one; but this morning I decided that even if it's a total failure I should buy the cooker anyway; and keep on trying to make it till I learn how. One of the things that convinced me to go ahead and buy it was that it was all stainless steel.

I really love natto. It reminds me of chocolate or carob mixed with brie cheese; and the taste lingers on for hours after you eat it.
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