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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
The common currency of communication, the printed word itself, is and can only be 2D, be it on a screen, in a book, on a label, in a magazine, letter, newspaper etc. Maybe says something that by and large, as a race, we set so much store by it, in all its (2D) forms.
There's a feedback loop between dimensions going on there, with 3-D minds arranging 2-D symbols which effect 3-D minds which respond by manipulating 2-D symbols etc.

Technically, the physically printed words aren't 2-D, because they are ink stains saturating the contours of the 3-D terrain of the paper (see the electron microscope image in post #5) but they appear in our mind's eye in 2-Dimensional form when we read them, so again, you could say that the 2nd dimension only exists in consciousness.

The same deal with words and images on a computer - if you zoomed in on the screen you would find a 3-D terrain of glass over swirling liquid crystal like ice on a lake.
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