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Originally Posted by misstaken View Post
Crying my eyes out watching Theresa May's speech. This better be the start of the change that's been needed for a long time that I've been asking for from her too. Can't even see for tears :'(
I hate to say it, or to be such a wet blanket, but Theresa May is another psychopath in power. This is how they roll, to use a cliche. Whenever anything happens, they fall over themselves to launch the mother of all inquiries. What happened with any Iraq inquiry? What happened with the hacking/Millie Dowler inquiries? What exactly happens with these big inquiries? They drag on for years, so long in fact that by the time anything of any value is found, everyone's moved on to the new celebrity craze, a new meat scandal, a new diet, unemployment, higher prices and all the usual shite.

By "promising" to fix things, they never need to, or even intend to. All that is important is that they say the right things. It's all about public relations. It's all about lies, upon lies, upon lies.

Let's be real here - WHO is going to tie the bell around the elite's necks? ONLY the public can do so, en masse. The police - inundated with freemasons, paedos, perverts, aggressive thugs, liars and wimps. The legal system....sigh. I don't know quite where to begin with that one. The media...oh dear, that's a dead end.

ONLY if the public can keep their eye on the ball, and keep a tab of all that is happening, at least on this one issue, will anything change. I tell you, when people start going to Westminster with pitchforks and use them on a few of our reigning paedos, then something might happen. Until them, it's a clever show. Is Tony Bliar hanging for his crimes? Have the royals been investigated? Andrew likes mingling with convicted paedos. Charles was very close to Savile the paedo monster. Have the top political brass currently troughing away been investigated?

Maybe it will happen, but I believe that it will only happen if people CHOOSE to keep a steady hold of events, and realise that all children are living toys for these monsters who rule politically, royally, media-wise, culturally, socially and economically. If people plug away, en masse, they will start to shit themselves. This is why so many crimes are covered up, and hidden, because there is paedophilia, sleaze, criminal corruption, nepotism, and protection of abusers in this insane country, and this insane world, ruled by the same power groups.
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