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Post * RETHINK * Reduce * Reuse * Recycle *

I'd like to use this thread to swap RETHINK/Reduce/Reuse/recyle tips!

For a few years they have peddled the slogan of the three 'R's:

Reduce - Reuse - Recylce (In that order of preference)

But they forgot to include at the front RETHINK!

Surely the most important one! (Dang - I think I know why they missed it off! They don't want us to 'rethink', or even 'think' in the first place! So long as all you're doing is reduce/reuse/recyle you are STILL playing the game!

TECHNICALLY - if you RETHINK properly then you will not need to reduce/reuse/recycle at all!!

(We are all here cos we are 'rethinkers' anyway aren't we! )

Might save us all a bob or two as well!
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