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Originally Posted by hellokitty View Post
I find your lack of sources disturbing.

Basically the whole reptilian argument seems to boil down to interpretation of ancient texts and video artifacts? In that case, I'll sooner believe the official, mainstream explanation than "4-dimensional reptoid-looking beings did it". This makes about as much sense as christianity...
That stuff is for the unintiated to start getting a hold on the idea. People that really want to SEE these things will eat raw, quit smoking cigs and drinking, meditate a ton, listen to binaural beats, practice astral projection, and smoke DMT and or Salvia in spiritual settings. Because you WILL have your own experiences practicing these things, and you WILL see beings on other planes of consciousness. You sound like on of those "I won't listen to anyone else, I have to be the one with the experience to know it's real" kind of people. Well, go have one. Nothing stopping you but your own fears. Prove it to yourself. If it's all nonsense, like you say, nothing will happen :P

but just in case you're open to listening to someone else: <--- Grant Morrison talks about "aliens", "robert Anton Wilson" "DMT" etc etc
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