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Originally Posted by grandmasterp View Post
30mls of Amitryptiline three times a day in a liquid-syrup form
Amitrip ( Largactyl) was a powerful psychotropic used extensiveley in UK Psychiatric Hospitals.
It made for peaceful day and nightshifts for the nursing staff apart from at full moon time.
Those could be rowdy - drugs or no drugs.
Times have changed for the better nowadays.
Asylums have more or less gone for one thing. Also better drugs and treatments are available so that far more mentally ill patients can now be nursed out in the community rather than them being locked up.
I'm curious GMP, you say you go to a spiritualist church which I assume means a belief in ghosts, and you recommended the british dowsing association earlier, yet anyone who suffers demonic stuff or targeted individual stuff you say they are hallucinating and should see a shrink. I don't mean to give you the 3rd degree, but I do find it a tad confusing, contradictory.
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