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Originally Posted by snowleopard View Post
I'm not really talking about skin aging but about the structure of the face that has changed in recent generations. Plus, we actually have more degenerative diseases today and we eat more processed foods.

My parents grew up on farms eating organic foods while I grew up eating Frosted Flakes and white bread. I still look atleast a decade younger than they did at the same age. I went through stressful times, lack of sleep, long work hours, eating poorly etc. Still, the structure of my face is more immature than that of my parents.

My father got married to his first wife when he was 19. He looked about 29-30 by today's standards. At 19, I looked like a foetus. Like I said, this strange phenomenon is everywhere and every member of my family is affected and many of my friends also.
It might be the style of clothing and hairstyles of those eras that contributes to that- you know, the vintage or "old fashioned" styles they wore then. No t shirts, shorts, jeans, but shirts and trousers, "short back and sides" hairdos and also people who lived on farms went out in the sun much more then, and worked outside in all weathers, so a man would get that "weather beaten" look by his 40s.
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