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I think most people in 1st world dye there hair, and this contributes enormously to how you look to others.

Your parents generation, will of course had not maybe of dyed there hair.

I am glad i have never died my hair, and i look what age i am. I look my age, because i never died my hair, or bothered with beauty products like for your skin etc...

So for me, what your on about op, is mainly due to more people in 1st world countries want to keep looking young, and do things like dye there hair, especially from young age.

The people whom obsess with staying looking young, are mostly types whom dye there hair, from there 20's on.

That for me, is the biggest reason people may look younger then there parents.

I have never died my hair, and at age of 43, look my natural age. Most people dye there hair, whether they admit it or not in 1st world countries.
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So true

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