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Interesting post snowleopard .....

I think this generation has aged less , but this must have a lot to do with not smoking , having better food , less hours working , less stress , better skin care , central heating ....

I don't think this is an immature society ... the overwhelming factor in wanting to say young is the mating game , this is why people desire youth , they want to stay attractive to attract mates ... more so now than in previous generations where you got married and stayed put ... now things are more fluid .

So now people have a stronger desire to stay young looking , and this desire will affect their biology to some extent , and cause them to stay younger....

The secret government has tech which can de-age bodies , keep us eternally young , this should soon be released , but even without this , after the frequency shift , our minds will have greater effect and we should be able to do this by ourselves , to some extent.
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