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Originally Posted by angel wings View Post
Does anyone have a link for this? That's goldust if you can get it.
There's also another piece of footage which may be interesting but I can't find. There was a show on in Australia, which was very similar to this:
Originally narrated by Tim Piggot-Smith, A Year with the Royal Family comes to local shores repackaged with a new title (it was known in the UK as Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work) and a new guide. Australia's very own Cate Blanchett lends her presence to this reworking.
And there was a ceremony where the Queen was giving out medals. One of the people was given a key to a door, which she said (paraphrase)

'It is never to be opened. Many family secrets are in there. I've never gone in there.'

The man who was given the key just laughed, and said 'Ok'.

I bet that library explains the lot.
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