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I wouldn't want to go back to how things were in the 1970s and the racial situation of that era.
Think of the positives aswell. It was always going to happen, all part of the process.

People did get along, it wasn't as bad as some sociologists make out, but it also could be violent and tense.
Try going to a football match, now that is tense.

And that atmosphere in parts of Britain predates Alf Garnett by a decade at least.
Though I do think it's gone too far in the other direction, all this 'white guilt' stuff which I've witnessed first hand from the mouths of some university lecturers. No need for it.
But like I said, communism and capitalism controlled and created by the Rothschilds/illuminati needs all the human beings (slaves) to work. A new world order can't exist if we don't all get along with each other. Remember they control both sides, then why isn't a new world order going to be blissful for everyone if we all get along and be multicultural?

I'll leave you to answer that one.
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