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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
..... But clearly the change is going ahead , so I'd like to offer a few suggestions about keeping the new forum more orderly and effective ...

How many Brexit threads do we have here?? "how many Paul is dead " threads .. Apollo Hoax threads??? there should only be one thread on each otherwise it's chaos , the information is scattered , often overlooked.

People do like to start new threads on an already existing subject ... OK , let them , but after a week it should be amalgamated with the already existing thread on that subject.

The problem with this idea is , for example , someone who believes in Apollo will try to get in first and start a thread titled "Why Apollo happened " .. so moderators should be able to change the title of important threads like this to something like "Apollo fake or real?"
To simplify. Paul isn't dead and Apollo wasn't faked. The only "chaos" seems to stem from people unable to use the search function to see that their claim was possibly answered dozens of times already.

As for your idea, already done years ago. There was an enormous "mega thread on Apollo" and the major bias was that all the front end responses are the ones people tend to look at first whilst ignoring replies 2-3-20 pages later.

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