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The energies grow like waves of hair, strands twisting and moving about as if tentacles and it grows moving this way and as it waves in and those tentacles reach in and entangle with us and the earth and planets it affects us, twists us, moves us, and some say evolves us. I think there may be some truth that and that energies and the universe seen as the reality of electricity grows like that in long twisting tentacles that span out ahead always growing and moving out like roots. As they entwine other energies reality bends and I think it is like that in all of reality.

The number of ways this energy could twist and bend are infinite and who knows what this source has generated in the way or creation. So imagine living in a world all connected because we've always had those hairs or tentacles ourselves that branch out but its just our own personal space. Suppose the tentacles of this life or electromagnetricity of energy were more profound and the channels or hairs of the tentacles reaching out in the spectrum they can be seen in are thicker and more blatant.

This so one could actually connect if the energies concentrated such that hair tentacles of connection existed between all of us, because we connected both physically and mentally by them. If as these twisting hairs of energies grow and entangle here as they move this way or as we move toward them I'm not sure which but it becomes so dense this energy that it is feasible that it could be a hive mind or one mind situation we evolve into if it permeates us.

See for yourself how it works here
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