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Default Genocide of humanity. We got our own milk.

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - by Isao Hashimoto

Around my community ;
It been 3 years since a this pod of Orca have given a live birth. there only 80 or so. a Orca is commonly referred to as a Killer whale. With all the shipping and pollution, over fishing, the genetically grown fish. It really make's one question the competence of the leadership of the world. and it population's.

Billy Talent - Rusted From The Rain - Official Video

They can't figure out why this is happening to these majestic critter's; There not smart enough to figure out that sewage an silt from logging n mining effects health of biological life forums. The very sound from our ship's effect there behavior an ability to hunt.

Fire Down Below: Come here, boy

Now you add the toxic wast and the Nuke test.

A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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