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owering the living standards in the Uk to balance out on the world stage.

if wages had risen with house prices, average wage should be £75,000

having £200 spare a month doesnt qualify for the mortgage system never mind the requirements of a deposit.

I could not imagine having £200 "spare" a month! I presume you mean after all rent and bills are paid?

£75,000 pa is beyond my wildest dreams!!! I couldn't imagine being on a salary like that!! Heck, £20,000 pa is, never mind £75,000 pa. Yet we are told that is the "average" salary. Well that is not what most people I know are on- most are on minimum wage or £18,000 pa.

yet the majority will be stuck due to the rent required. its a prison sentence renting.
Youngsters with jobs are doing house shares these days or sharing one bed flats with a partner or friend.
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