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Originally Posted by blackyblue View Post
I actually think that AC had the wrong terminology lol
The actual practice of hitting someone with a spoon, according to my extremely talented google searching ability, is actually "spoon slaps".

Therefor i have to agree with you regarding what you said earlier about it being a coincidence if both dearman and AC were administering spoon licks.
Even more of a coincidence that both dearman & AC used the same wrong terminology!!!
...this 'coincidence' alone speaks volumes.

I am still going through the barristers piece: off to bed after this, nn.

The whole affair is deeply disconcerting on a number of levels.

Lots of people believed, and still believe this farrago of nonsense

The chances that a Satanic paedophile ring of this sort could operate at a Primary School are nil. The idea that large numbers of children could be sodomised with dildos every Wednesday and made to watch babies being murdered, and that their parents would not notice something a little odd going or that they would approve of it is patently ridiculous. The idea that all the parents were themselves in on the Satanism is itself absurd.

At least 5 members of the teaching and administrative staff who were present in my day have been named as Satanic abusers. So I can speak from personal experience. Without exception all of them are gentle, caring people who have devoted themselves to the school and the welfare of the children who have attended it.

Yet according to the mother’s latest video the cult has been in existence “for decades.” Well, it hasn’t. If it had been, my children would have been victims of it, and I would have been a perpetrator. They weren’t and I wasn’t.
LOL: catacombs, phobia...


One wonders, even in a hugely over-subscribed Church of England Primary School, how were these Satanic parents selected?

Are they chosen from amongst the ranks of the Illuminati, known to each other through participation in secret Satanic Covens?

If so, something went wrong in my case. I am not an Illuminatus, whatever that may be. I have never attended a Satanic coven and would not know what to do in the unlikely eventuality of finding myself at one. Far from enjoying naked sacrificial rituals in candlelit catacombs, I shudder at the prospect of having to shake hands with my neighbour in a Church of England “Sign of the Peace.”

....Unfortunately it is not just a few isolated fruitcakes who believe this stuff. That a respected doctor like Dr Hodes could take it seriously, even after the children’s allegations had been both withdrawn and discredited, suggests a dangerous willingness to believe nonsense, amongst even those who ought to to be the most scientifically scrupulous. Likewise, the attitude of the police when the allegations were first made seems to have been to believe the children and to ignore the recordings of their coaching which would have cast huge doubt over the affair.

Real people are damaged

No babies have been murdered, no children have been raped and no virgin blood drunk. But the propagation of the myth of the Hampstead paedophile ring is still immensely cruel to real people. The videos of the children themselves are, in effect, videos of child abuse. The effect of constantly posting and reposting these videos will be to expose the children to ridicule and bullying by their peers, whilst the psychological effects of being constantly reminded of their false stories can only be guessed at.

Nor should the cruelty to adults be overlooked. Practically all the teaching and administrative staff at Christ Church School have been named as members of the Satanic cult, along with many parents. It may be possible to laugh off such nonsense, but when the same allegations are repeated again and again for months it surely cannot be easy to do so. Some people, as the judge noted, have received threatening messages, something that has been facilitated by websites that have listed personal contact details to assist bullies. Online reviews of the school advise people to keep their children away. Church goers are picketed on Sunday mornings. Teachers are urged to strip off to prove that they don’t have devil tattoos on their private parts, as though it is in any way reasonable that anyone should have to humiliate themselves at the behest of crazy troublemakers.

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