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Originally Posted by blackyblue View Post
Has any independent witness ever reported seeing the boys father at or near the school?
Have any parents not thought to be part of the Satanic cult, but with children at that school, been heard or known to have came forward reporting any type of suspicious behaviour?
Has any of the students that probably work part-time along at that Macdonald been heard to have reported any suspicious goings on there?
Has anyone at-all reported excessive amounts of cars parked in the area or excessive asmounts of people going in and out of the school?
Any lollypop ladies seen anything untoward or reported seeing children suspiciously upset?
I mean everywhere else in the uk schools are a place of social vigil, even unknown passers-by receive funny looks when passing a primary school, that is why "i" a 30+ year old man will always cross the street if ever walking past a primary school. It gives me the shudders just thinking about the way teachers or parents will be looking at strangers walking bye.

Anyway, here in the link below is a letter from a resident of christchurch that had children went to cc primary school and sat in the very same class as those allegedly abused, and he reports that his children were very happy and the allegations are nonsense.

Of course, i cannot prove that this is not a government shill.
I cannot prove this is not one of the Satanists.
No more than Belinda or Sabine can prove that June Wiggan was anything more than a sockpuppet.
June Wiggan as far as i am aware is the only other person to have ever came forward and claimed to have witnessed the abuse.

However June Wiggan has never been found, and only ever made those allegations beneath a youtube comments section.

Her statement is held up as proof over at Hampstead research, but even in the event June Wiggan actually exists, she to sounds insane.

She says her children went to Christchurch primary school and made complaints to her about teachers abusing them.
She then says that she was invited along to a teachers evening and she was invited into the Satanic cult, but she refused to join.

However Sabrina and Belinda cannot be too bright holding up this testimony, because June Wiggan, despite saying how sick she felt about being invited into an SRA paedophile baby abusing ring, she still allowed her children to remain at christchurch and she never reported it to police.
She simply refused to join.
Therefor by simply refusing to join but still allowing her kids to stay at Christchurch, she would actually be leaving herself open to a crime of accesory.

Can you not see? they are insulting peoples intelligences over at Hamstead research.
They should not even be holding up June Wiggans account until they have tracked her down and verified she actually does exist.
It is unprofessional to say the least

Anyway, here is the letter.
This should counter June Wiggans testimony.
And i assume that this man could be traced, unlike June Wiggan.
thanks for this, btw i checked what i could of june wiggan, the yt profile is still up and looks just like a fake page in that it has no history and was obviously put up specifically to make the post that appeared on the original henry curteis 'papa kills babies' youtube page.

the barrister blog piece is very well written and gives a perspective of a practicing barrister, who will have a much fuller perspective on some of aspects of this case, eg:

She had alleged that he had been violent towards her, and had taken out a non-molestation injunction against him (such an injunction does not require proof of violence). just costs ca £80, a done deal, basically. just a phone call to the police for a crime no, i imagine. not even sure if you need that. so much for a violent past.

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