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Originally Posted by borgenrs92 View Post
With MILABS, and terrestrial abductions, are you suggesting that these people are "abducted" by the government and brought up in a certain way so that they can be used as an asset? Or be used for a certain job or something along those lines?
Exactly. It isn't always the case but often experiencers/abductees/contactees/etc are used to promote agenda based psychological operations from what I can detect.

This is very interesting stuff. Also, where were you working to acquire this insider like knowledge. Sorry if I'm sounding like an idiot, just very interesting. Good post OP.
I am a black ops targeted individual and I have also had Extraterrestrial contact. I have a long hard to believe story. I was inducted into what was presented to me as the illuminati in late 2007. I rejected their instructions and they unleashed hell on me with black project technology. For a while I thought it was Extraterrestrials or other sources messing with me instead of the true origin, sources like the CIA.

Eventually I was contacted by ETs saying they respected me, asking if I wanted contact. They showed me practically the full suite of technologies used in the control grid, by giving clear examples of the technology. On top of that I have a plethora of black ops experiences. I know the style and subject matter of the black ops sources, from them trying to fool me of such things.

For example they have hidden behind demonic possession facades with me before. Once you suss out the real truth of things, you become a weapon against their psy ops. My targeting has gotten more severe in ways from speaking out though. I am writing a book, here is some art from the book:

I get tortured with directed energy weapons every single day. I have not had a day free of torture(s) since late 2007...

As for this info, it was actually verified by an insider of the government who posted that on his blog. Barry King.
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