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I think the Nag Hamadi texts about sum things up. We are being manipulated by a truly evil, technologically advanced, intelligent and formidable foe, and yet most humans have their heads buried in the ground like an ostrich. Talk about being easy prey. If we survive the onslaught, I'll be very surprised, especially considering humanity appears to be getting dumber every day, thanks to social media and all these fancy gadgets.
A wise man once said:
1. I do not take it to be true; 2. I do not take it to be false; 3. I do not say you're wrong; 4. I do not not say you're right; 5. I do not say it is true or false; 6. It is both wrong and right, true and false at the same time. Such is the dilemma of relative truth. It is just the finger pointing.

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