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Originally Posted by zsymon View Post
Me and my friends have come in contact with reiki practitioners, and even though my ability to spiritually 'see' is still limited, one of my friends is able to see the truth behind the energies being is difficult to avoid connecting with dark energies and entities.
This. And the reason I always check with friends (two in particular) is because I'm still always second-guessing my abilities, whereas they confidently use them. I ask what do they see, and it's always what I see. I don't see reiki as positive in any way, though many practitioners often think they're doing good. Healing can be done in other ways, by other energies. I'm a natural healer, but my experiences with people around me using reiki stopped me using my healing altogether, because I was questioning where it came from. Now I realise it comes directly from the Creator and if and when I need to use it, I will. Coincidentally, lots of people who have shadow beings hanging around - because they don't just trot off when the reiki session's finished - are drained/ill/depressed etc.
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