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Thank you for posting bluebunny, it is nice to have someone verify the thing about reiki and garlic, at least that it might be a common idea.

I am still trying to figure all this out, and I'm not dismissing it's medicinal uses because I used it as a treatment for many years and I know it works. I have the book on garlic and onions, natures antibiotics, and it's a great book. Also it's of course in many of my other herbal books. One particularly effective example, is as a treatment for children with whooping cough, to put a garlic poultice on the soles of the feet and leave on overnight in the socks, and is almost guaranteed to get rid of whooping cough within 24 hours (if you catch it pretty early). This is obviously preferable IMO to hospitals and antibiotics, and it's cheaper and more practical anyway. So when it came down to it, if I had a baby with whooping cough I would likely use this tried and true remedy before others. It could be this is where some of the "garlic repels evil spirits" idea came from, since people all through time have connected sickness with evil spirits.

I would love for someone to debunk all that I posted in the OP. So far I think the "evidence" points to it being accurate, but I am happy to change my mind if people can confirm the opposite, most especially the spiritual aspect. I guess the bright side is (if this is true), the doctor guy in the video said the shamans and channelers regain their abilities after a day or two. So it's really not the end of the world if you have garlic sometimes!

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