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Originally Posted by darketernal View Post
Oh no I do not blame religion per se. I blame those behind the religions.
Up to this point, we agree on something lol
And most of the time, the ones who use religion to aid push their agenda are not in the slightest religious, some of course are deluded into believing anyone who preaches at them and so on and so forth.

Likewise though I don't see any merit or beneft aligning myself with something that I know the history of, how it is used and can see on the "grid" (a phrase I use for the background program and energy field here) the connections and energy transfers it forms.
Religion itself is not responsible it's innocent of the charges, because if you take the Bible or the Quoran, they speak about unity, about freedom of individuals, about love and caring, and then you get those evil bastards, deliberately misinterpret to the masses to rally them etc.. making for instance Jews hate Christians, making Christians hate Jews and Muslims, making Muslims against others, and even dividing between the faithfuls.

In one religion you will find other sects created deliberately to throw people off balance, confuse them, in the meantime they try and hide the true teachings of the religion.
But if people are less lazy and seek to find the truth, it's still there in the original teachings.
As for you don't see the merit, perhaps you need to look it up a bit more closely to see it's merit, it has all the merits, if you take an open minded approach, but I still respect your view even if we disagree on this, just ask questions, why so many people hold on to their religion, of course don't confuse all religious people and put them all in one basket.

For instance, there are some people who become religious by tradition, that's not at all the way to go.
A person has to do their own research ask their own questions and so on.

It is not a case of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, but rather a case of the two being so merged that is it impossible to completely sperate them through any means available.
Believe me you can seperate them and see more clearly, rejecting it altogether is opening doors to ignorance, you will always ignore that part of one's life.
You can only determine it's merit once you have fully study it thoroughly if then you hit a dead end, you can say It has no merit.

Due to the connections it forms with specific entities it is an all or nothing affair on some levels.
What if those entities do exist?
What if you will end up in more shtoot if you don't find out?
Are willing to take a reckless risk, just because someone else said so?
I think it's wise to find out for yourself, and not listen to someone else's conviction simply because it's appealing, or it's much easier.

That is the unfortunate aspect of trying to explain some of these things with people on forums. The greater majority lack both the genetics and the formal training to see certain things or into the grid, so for me something is as obvious as the tree you see in your front yard when you look outside the window.
How do you explain the evidence that the leaves on that tree are green to someone who is blind and has never seen a tree let alone the color green, in this incarnation?
True it's not easy to explain sometimes, but believe me there are always ways to make someone understand, the only people you can't make understand are the stubborn ones, the arrogant, people with an ego, people who refuse to see it, it doesn't mean they don't believe it either

Anyone who is capable of seeing the connections can quite plainly see the harnessing of energy and the transaction that takes place as a result of religious worship.
It's not the religion, you don't need anyone to control you, or tell you what to do, religion is a revelation of who's the most powerful, just and fair.
the one who really truly cares about you, more than you can even imagine.
the one who gave you life and means to live this short life, but ask a question


No explination needed. If they cannot see this, there is no way in which to explain it. Let's just say, do as you will, but me I know better and wash my hands of it. ;-)

Domination of humanity is only one aspect of war. The harnessing of energy is equally important to the motivations behind it.
Of course, but you will be surprised how much energy and unity there's within a religion, religion cannot be bad for anyone, simply because it's not made by someone for personal gains.
Some people framed and hijacked that religion to harness our energies.
Once you are aware and awake who's doing what, you ditch them not the religion.

Let's say tomorrow there's an Imam who declares wars against other people, do you think I will listen to him? I will follow him? or even consider him?
No, because I know my religion and who gives him the authority to tell me what to do?
But when someone is ignorant he can easily be mislead and dragged by the nose.
I will literally piss off, because I know what is in my religion, whatever he is saying is a lie.
I can confront him, because I hold the same knowledge as him or even better.
As I said we are all free to do what we want, I am not in anyway saying you should do this or that, but just asking for people to be more tolerant and not generalise.

I will give this example again:

We all passed our driving tests and call ourselves drivers, we all followed the highway code and respected it, but when one of us decides to drive like a lunatic and put people's lives in jeopardy and even his life in danger, does that make him responsible or the "Highway code and the examiner?"

The highway code is there as set of rules to all of us benefit from, to give allow us to respect each others right to be on the road.
Peace bro : )
Remember we are all one
Knowledge requires wisdom
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