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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
The Ballachullish Goddess

The ballachullish goddess is a carved wooden figure dug up in the west coast village of Ballachullish. It has been radio-carbondated to 2500 years ago. She has been damaged as have so many ancient artifacts in scotland we are told by transit and through the drying out process. She is depicted as holding male phallic objects

To me she represents the land itself which is fertilised by the skies rains and by the ploughing and sowing of mankind. She represents, in my eyes, the veneration the people had for the land which like us goes through stages of life as the cycles of the seasons progress through the year.

The creatrix goddess and old hag of winter known as the Cailleach is said to leave her home on Scotlands highest peak Ben Nevis and spread her wintry plaid over the countryside during winter only to wash it clear in the spring, in the corryvreckan whirlpool when the land and the goddess herself are renewed. The hills themselves are scarred from her raking claws as she sculpted the land with her winds and storms.

Further to the south a plough was retrieved from the ruins of an old crannog in Loch Tay suggesting a ritualistic purpose to the building and to the object itself. A modern recreation of a crannog has been built near the site, which in my opinion looks not unlike a liberty cap mushroom!

The plough could be said to represent the masculine phallus as it sows the land and even today the shetlanders hold a festival in which the girls of the community are dressed up as elaborately decorated horses while the young lads compete to plough the best furrows in the sands of the beach with miniture ploughs:

Clearly the bonds between the people and their land run deep within scotland but could there be something more then just a power grab involved in the attempts by some at breaking that bond?

Is it possible that not only is self-sufficiency a threat to the centralised control of the NWO but perhaps a peoples sense of self and also their connection with and place in nature could also be anti-thetical to the technocratic domination of the NWO social engineers?
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