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Originally Posted by lewi View Post
Do you?

Or do you care more about who is in power while it happens?

You used the word "conservatism".

I'm conservative by nature and don't advocate that.

How about 1970's UK when a pig fucking left wing government allowed a pig fucking Union to allow a pussy ambulance driver to refuse to take a woman, a stretcher case, to hospital? He was on his own due to strikes. Her daughter had to stand in front of the ambulance while two lifelong labour voting miners carried the woman into the ambulance. She died in hospital. Lucky she got there at all.

Yeah, conservative austerity might be causing deaths. Labour spend, Conservative saving, Labour spend, Conservative saving. Round and round we go.

Blame "conservatism" all you want if it makes you feel better.
I care not for what I say. It is the truth as I know it. As I witness the peaceful slaughter of my kinsfolk I will never apologise for my words. We do not come on this earth by choice, and I'll defend anyone who's needs are greater than mine, but we come here through our own free will.
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