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Originally Posted by madbomber View Post
The elderly no longer matter. They must be removed to make way for our new citizens who will do the jobs that Britons won't do. You will obey.
I hear that reugularly from a "new citizen" who has wormed his way into a council flat, forced his employer to let him go part time, claim as much benefits as he's entitled to, tells his countrymen to do the same because "they pay you to sit at home", phones the ambulance because his daughter has a tantrum due to no haribo in the house, the police because his neighbour has a loud TV at 9pm, and sits on his fat, useless arse all day at work, whining about racism from "fucking British".

Yet my mother was told that she'd get half of nothing, that is no home, despite permanently being on life saving medication, having left school and working at 15 after consulting a divorce lawyer for being in a long term abusive marriage.

But who gives a fuck.
I care not for what I say. It is the truth as I know it. As I witness the peaceful slaughter of my kinsfolk I will never apologise for my words. We do not come on this earth by choice, and I'll defend anyone who's needs are greater than mine, but we come here through our own free will.
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