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They aren't getting it for free motley, they have paid into the system via National Insurance and other taxes. Everyone chips in.
Health insurance and it's a pension fund.

Poor health isn't always down to choice.
Even you, if you should have the misfortune to find yourself in the UK and became poorly would receive free health care.
The British, generous to a fault.

Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post
Please explain to me why it's my responsibility to take care of other people's elderly. I'll take care of me and mine and you take care of yours. if you cannot, because of the poor choices you and they made in life, that's on you and them not me. If you get old and don't have enough to eat, maybe you should have thought of that when you were young and spending your money on useless shit like $800 smartphones and designers sneakers.

It's not selfish to believe it's not the state's business to take my income to give it to someone else who has none. What's selfish is believing you have the right to take what's mine and what I worked hard for.

The fact is, and history proves this, that if you get the govt out the way, and you get rid of health welfare, communities will naturally take care of their own through free hospital-run clinics for the poor and local churches and charities. The reason history shows us this is because this is exactly how it used to be before the govt and the Leftists came in and ruined it all with their fascist state-dictated bullshit.

Gone are the church fundraisers. Gone are the local charities. Gone are the free clinics run by the local hospitals and off-duty nurses and doctors. All replaced by a govt run corporate controlled system that makes the elderly slaves to them and their rules.

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