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Zbigniew Jaworowski
•M.D., Medical Academy in Krakow, 1952.
•Ph.D., Natural Sciences (doktor nauk przyrodniczych), 1963.
•D.Sc., Natural Sciences (doktor habilitowany nauk przyrodniczych), 1967.
Source: [1]

Zbigniew Jaworowski is a retired professor of atomic radiation and an outspoken critic of mainstream climate science.

Joworowski is listed as the Chairman of UNSCEAR (United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiations) from 1981 to 1982. [2]

The Council describes its mandate as follows:

“Its mandate in the United Nations system is to assess and report levels and effects of exposure to ionizing radiation. Governments and organizations throughout the world rely on the Committee's estimates as the scientific basis for evaluating radiation risk and for establishing protective measures.”

Stance on Climate Change
“The basis of most of the IPCC conclusions on anthropogenic causes and on projections of climatic change is the assumption of low level of CO2 in the pre-industrial atmosphere. This assumption, based on glaciological studies, is false. Therefore IPCC projections should not be used for national and global economic planning.” [3]

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