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Originally Posted by vonnegutsnut View Post
Didn't know you had. Where is it?

Didn't notice link, wasn't he born in the afternoon though, can't see his name there.

You said 23rd am in above post it's 22nd pm, not really accurate.
You can't see Alexander in that? George is a cover up name to please the British public. He will be Alexander. I did mention George if that's
what your hinting at. Said it would be one of the names but not an important one given to appease was the phrase I used.

It's not there as I believe it's unimportant he was favourite so obvious to choose. But we know he won't be King George.
He will be King Alexander and that was harder to predict I'm sure you'll agree. He'll be the first King Alexander.

You think 8 hours out is not accurate enough even though I also state 22nd pm - 23rd am just after Midnight.

Not only that but he was actually born or removed twice at 4.24pm and 3.30am. So I was bang in the middle pretty much.
Second time round it was lightning. Plenty of energy around. You seriously don't think they'd do that? Have you read the Savile thread?

Then it all added up to 39 a number I said it would, everything name, weight and date & time. Even got the odd 8 in the weight too.

And you call that not accurate?? Seriously. If I knew anymore I'd be the Queen. Sorry I should have known they'd remove him
twice as she went in earlier than I anticipated. I thought it meant taken eggs from Kate and then the birth. That's what any normal person would think.

I'm not wanting any praise from anyone. I'm not doing this for that. The Daniel Prophecy has started it's being played
and whether you or I like it or not is irrelevent, as we're all in that game. I've got children too you know. That's what's driving me on.
If you or anyone think I'm wrong that's your choice but you'll find out sooner or later. I'd rather know now myself.

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