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The last week, 7 years, is paused and deferred to a point in the future

Amazingly, everything happened precisely as Gabriel had told Daniel that it world. The streets and the walls of Jerusalem were
rebuilt in exactly 49 years. And from that day to the day that "Messiah was cut off", a reference to Jesus rejection by His own
people and then execution on the cross, was exactly 434 years. Then, after 483 years of exacting bible prophecy come true,
God stops the clock and began the time of 'the great pause'. All through the bible we read where, because of the rejection
of Jesus as Messiah, God turned to the gentiles. In the Old Testament this was a great mystery, but in the New Testament
that mystery is revealed as the Church. The bible then goes on to say that this is called the 'times of the gentiles' which will
end with the Rapture of the Church. At which point, with the Church taken out of the way, God again turns His attention to
the Jews and Israel, and restarts the clock to begin the final week of Daniel's prophecy. Before we continue, allow me to show
bible verses which demonstrates the points I just made -

They are many, many more verses I could quote to prove my point, but these verses hit the nail right on the head regarding
what God said He would and what would happen in the end times. So why all this attention to a week that hasn't even
happened yet? Because if you fail to grasp this "missing" or paused week, then every conclusion you come to after that
will by necessity be off base. Gabriel was telling Daniel very clearly that there would be 3 divisions of time within the 70 weeks,
or 490 years. Paul, in Romans 11: 25, gives us a great clue. He says that the "blindness" of Israel, or the "paused week" would
not end until all the gentiles whom God would have to be saved were saved, or "come in" as he puts it. And that it would
be after this "time of the gentiles" that God would restart the timeclock on the last week. At the risk of repeating myself, the
times of the gentiles happen during the as yet undetermined period of time that Daniel's 70th week is paused. So far this
time period has lasted roughly 2,000 years, but is about to come to an end. What will end the "times of the gentiles" is
the Rapture.

According to this a week is 7 years and the last week was put on hold.

So question are they trying to replay this out from the beginning using weeks and not years?
As they wish to install 'the Messiah the Prince' as the second coming if you will.
I think that's what they are doing. Trying to replicate it or at least give that impression.

Using this to influence people to accept what's coming and to offer an explanation for it.
It was God's will if you like and we had no way of stopping it. Implying it was fate and not of their own doing.

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