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Originally Posted by rollandsmoke View Post
Even the best made plans of mice and men rarely if ever play out to a level of perfection, especially when dealing with as many variables as are involved in the birth of a child. I would take the fact that all the parts of the story fit as an indication that the story is scripted and the illusionists are up to their tricks again.
Agreed I have been thinking false flag. It's a big false flag to pull off. I've already called out the birth to being planned.
It's why I used 'being played out' in the thread title and asked the question?

I have been guided to be able to do this, it is weird. Because I can't explain it all myself.
I didn't use facebook for years I can't stand that website but I felt the need to put it on there.

Any ideas from you will be much appreciated. You gave me the Lion King = Zion King connection. Thanks.

Do I believe in Prophecies? No.

But it doesn't mean they aren't playing it out and we won't suffer as a result. I can see this and people need to also see it.

They've already started July 19th is the date. 7 weeks, then 62 weeks, then final week. So each ends 6th Sept 2013, 14th Nov 2014, 21st Nov 2014

Reacting after an event is no good. Call them out before they happen and be ready for them is better.

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