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Searching, Seek and destroy..
Princess Diana talking to RAF officer in aircraft hanger..

Emmerdale + Gulf War (188 of 374) - Desert Storm Broadcast (New Zealand) 31st January, 1991..

Brüggen, in Germany was a major station of the Royal Air Force until 15 June 2001..It was situated next to the village of Elmpt, approximately 43 kilometres 27 mi west of Düsseldorf near the Dutch-German border..The base was named after the nearest rail depot..Construction began in mid-1952, which involved the clearing of forest and draining of marshland..The station became active in 1953 during the rapid expansion of NATO forces in Europe..In 2002, it was handed over to the British Army and renamed Javelin Barracks... didn't expect the job to be safe or pleasant..We just closed our eyes and went along..Like most of us, I talk but do nothing..We didn't hesitate about using him..In a war, to save lives, you use whoever you can...

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