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Originally Posted by giveuswisdom View Post
Why would they want love and beauty? That part makes no sense. Can you explain that? I thought they fed on fear and negative emotions. Not positive ones. Because if they DID feed on positive emotions they'd spend some time fomenting them, and I've seen no evidence of that...
They want extremes of emotion it doesn't matter which you want to call it. You give the definition of good or bad or up or down, positive or negative they don't! They only see the display, the light exchange, the smell, or whatever it is that triggers! This entire thing of oh its just negative emotions is nonsense. Neurons fire the same way for extremes of positive emotion or negative! Its why all the masters in life say,, "stay in the middle' because the middle is balance! To be off balance is to be to their advantage! To be all rose colored glasses the world is beautiful is just as off balance as pure madness and evil!

Its far easier in life to promote negative emotion. Far easier and people help with that. Its a lot more work to make someone feel beauty or peace or great joy! But when someone does on their own they can certainly instill thoughts to promote it to get neuronal energy, that is to say real voltages that can be measured off your neuronal discharge and heart chakra display! They frequent churches as much as anywhere and there are a lot of churches with a lot of beauty but believe me I know what I see. They react to strong emotion no matter which side of the pole it may be on.
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