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Originally Posted by badtv View Post
they have been installing smart water meters around the southcoast, Southernwater have been installing smart water meters, replacing the standard water meters that usually are located just outside the front of the property under the pavement, these meters are aprox 2 feet under the pavement and are still able to send the 800-900mhz signal to the passing vehicle that collects the data, so these devices have to emit a very strong signal.

Strangely it seems they only do a few house on a street at a time and not the whole street in one go, my guess is if a large number of people on a street started complaining of those symptoms of dizziness sleep disruption etc the residents could more easily identify the cause. which would not be good for Southernwater.

i know for a fact these meters disrupt my sleep whenever i stay in my relatives house, since the installation of the meter i rarely get more than 2 hours sleep before waking up for absolutely no reason. im worried what the long term effect is having on their young children.

foil will reduce the signal strength but if your neighbor has a meter its pretty pointless.

this is the water meter Southernwater is using Arad is an Israeli based company.

heres the 'smart' water meter propaganda:

Interesting, in the implementation docs it's mentioned over and over that it will be an electricity smart meter that will have water measurement added to it.

If they are installing smart meters for water then perhaps it can have the electricity combined with it at a later date also? another way to hook you by subterfuge.

Does this water smart meter in anyway resemble the electricity one?. If so, I think we need to know about this.
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