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Default It's not easy TOM!

Originally Posted by tom bombadil View Post
This is what you do folks, its sooooo easy.

You will not be breaking any rules either, but you have to own your home or be friends with the landlord.

First. Locate and buy your own gas and leccy meter.

Second. When they tell you that they are gonna change your meter, tell them to not bother, and to come and remove their meter.

Third. Have your own meter installed by someone you can trust (Corgi regesterd?).

Forth. Set up a tally with the gas supplier company and NOT the middle-man. Pay them instead.

Remember, British gas PLC do not supply gas. They meter it for the gas industry. You now don't have their meter. So...what the fuck does it have to do with them?

You speak like a man who's dunnit.
I am clueless so help me out please.

1) Do you have a template letter to send out to one's currently utility company?
I was told by a gas engineer that I would have hell of a time convincing utility company to remove the meter.

2) There is a question of what kind of meter one should install. Does it have to be certified by anybody etc?

In the end the engineer convinced me not to go down this root.
Furthermore, when you say Gas/Elec industry, who should I contact and what should I say so that I pay them direct?

3) Most important question: what is the rate for both gas and electricity?

Tom, if you don't reply, I just list this subject under another FMOTL fantasy

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