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Originally Posted by whale View Post
Yeah, but why would anyone do that, 'cultural reasons' isn't exactly getting at the reason. If you read Mutwa will find out that reptilians tend to hang out in Africa underground.

It's a video
Glass-Eating Man

this guy is another, not so much teeth, eyes
Instead of believing some dodgy ideas about reptilians why don't you ask an anthropologist.

Why do any cultures do what they do? Why did the Britons paint themselves in woad. Why do women in some cultures have their clitoris cut off, why do some south american indians extend their bottom lips with wooden plates, why do some some african tribes score thier cheeks to have scars, why do men in New Guinea wear penis tubes, why do some tribes wear sticks thro their bottm lip, why do Indian women adorn themselves with henna, why do westernised men wear trousers instead of togas.

Is it all because they've seen reptilians? Can't be because there are so many different manifestations of culture and fashion depending on the circumstances, belief systems, etc., etc.,

But, no you've bought into some cooky reptilians malarky who are meant to be hidden and oh so clever but seem to give themselves away on Youtube videos for all to see and be endlessly viewed by deluded types such as your self.

Can't you see it's idiotic.

Why don't do a little experiment. Get a friend or relative. Get some high powered lights of the type used for televison or filming (not some wussy bedside lights), sit them down, put a light one either side of his/her head to light them up, start filiming them.

You may get effect of 'reptilian' eyes. If you do, you'd better either cap your friend/relative because they may have been reptilian all along or just come to your senses.

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